Triple Ring for M and M

Mark Milner and Heather Mochrie, our Ultra running beasts picked up the Hardmoors Triple ring Series award this month after their efforts at the Hardmoor races. The Triple Ring is similar to the Grand Slam except you must complete 3 Hardmoors Ultra Races, (not 4) to qualify. The sting in the tail is that one of them must either be the Hardmoors 110 or the Hardmoors 160 . After that it is your choice if you run the Hardmoors 30, Hardmoors 55, Hardmoors 60, Hardwolds 80 as long as 2 are chosen.

image 1169
Heather steps to it
image 1120
Mark Milner picks up the Mens Hardmoors series.  What a machine!

Full results from the series can be found here.