Speed & Combined Events Group – Strength / Flexibility / Mobility ONE

Week Commencing 9th August 2021


30 seconds on each
1. Toe Touches
2. Horizontal Arm Swings
3. Leg Swings
4. Jumping Jacks


30s Heel Walks > 30s Ball of Foot Walks > 30s Toe Walks x3

60 Seconds On / 30 Seconds Off
Leg Raises
Glute Bridge
Arm Raises
Reverse Lunge to High Knee
Wall Sit
Push Ups

Rest for four minutes and repeat x3

3x 90s Round The Clock Plank (rest 90s between)
Round The Clock Plank – start in high plank position, lift and put back, right hand, right leg, left leg, left hand – keep going for the 90s


Ensure you hit all areas with a good stretch