Speed & Combined Events Group – Speed Endurance

Week Commencing 9th August 2021


Two to three laps (or half a mile) steady running followed by:

Each drill is carried over 30m out and 30m back with no rest between
1. Skips with Arm Rotations (biceps brushing the ears)
2. Side Skips with Arm Swings
3. Skip, Skip, Lunge
4. Carioca (with power steps)
5. Backwards Running (heel up to butt and big kick out)
6. High Skips
7. Skips for Distance
8. 3x Accelerations (walk back)


Ankle strength work – focus on powering through the ankle and good ground contact with balls of the feet
All over 10m with walk back (each one twice)
Two Foot Forwards > Two Footed Backwards > Two Footed Lateral (left lead) > Two Footed Lateral (right lead) > Single Leg Left Forwards > Single Leg Right Forwards


3x 10m ,20m ,30m Falling Start (off walk backs) three minutes between sets
1x 300m > 3 minutes > 2 x 150m off walk back
Eight minutes recovery
1x 300m > 3 minutes > 2 x 150m off walk back

Aim for 7-8 on RPE scale throughout maintaining form and posture

RPE Scale – below for reference


RPE Scale 1