Peter Armstrong

Over time, we’re going to introduce our members by way of a series of questions we’ve put to them; they’ve kindly agreed to let us publish their answers. On this occasion, it’s the turn of Peter Armstrong

How long have you been a member:

Around 5 and a half years.

Why did you start:

I was at work and a girl, who was a member of the Tri Club, was going on about this thing called parkrunn. I had no idea what it was, she said it was a 5km run on a Saturday morning.

At the time I was playing a high level of cricket but even weighing in at 16.5 stone I thought this would be easy so I rocked up wearing a jacket , pair of shorts and struggled like mad running 24.30 (ish) and I think at the time was life or death with John Brant.

About to pass out at the finish I thought to myself I can’t be getting beat so kept going down and met the famous Paul Cook who invited me to a Tri Club running session on a Monday night at Elm Ridge with Nick Mason and Simon Rogers.

From then I joined the Harriers and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Favourite type of running (Road, XC, T&F, Fell etc):

Road for mem, although have tried all types of events; I have enjoyed some longer trail runs.

Best event you’ve taken part in (and why):

The best event for me has to be the Great North Run, the buzz on the day and the whole atmosphere, especially with it being local, is outstanding. It was my first half marathon and it’s a race I try not to miss.

I probably ran my best race to date there slaughtering the ageing Barry Talman who had set off too fast. I always remember a few years ago myself, Justin Hindmarch and Dave McKenna were waiting at the Metro Station as a packed train approached , we told Justin and Dave that we would charge the train when the doors open rugby style, the doors open me and Dave charged on and Justin was left stood on the station as the doors closed.

Event you’re looking forward to (and why):

Darlington 10k.

As a Darlington Harrier, it’s a race that always seems to bring out the best from everyone regardless of what form you are in.

Each year I end up being in a life or death race from Tanners to the finish line, once with Paul Cook, last year with Dave McKenna, but the best part of the day has to be the beers after and seeing if Justin can make it past 3pm!

I can never understand anyone doing anything else but the Darlo 10k that weekend.

What’s on your headphones while you train:

Never  – I’m not sure Lionel Richie would help with my running.

Favourite training session (and why):

My favourite training session is 16 x 90 seconds with the training group, 15 decent reps then watch Karlos fly past everyone as he hadn’t been trying for the previous reps.

Do you take your trainers on holiday? If yes, where is the best place you’ve trained/ran?:

Yes, every year we go to Beadnell and I love running on the Northumberland coast and beach, plus it makes the daily beers taste better after a run.

Pre race food & drink of choice:

Normally toast and some porridge with Jam on, a coffee and a Red Bull.

Post race food & drink of choice:

Depending on where the race is, maybe fish and chips / McDonalds after the race, 6 to 8 pints in the Mowden, an Indian with a bottle of wine normally sorts me out. Don’t see the point in all these recovery shakes etc.

Favourite place to run:

I love Hamsterley Forest but my fear of dogs doesn’t really help.

Best Club related memory:

Theres plenty to mention but I am going to summarise without giving the story in full

  • Darlo 10k
  • Beers
  • Club Champion
  • Curry House
  • Toilets
  • Taxi
  • Adam Mitchell

If you could go for a long chatty run with anyone, who would it be and why:

Simon Rogers 100% – the one man who seems to get away with saying what he thinks and we get on so well I couldn’t think of anyone better. If not him then Karl Hume.

Describe our club in three words:

Sound The Horn