Hilary Bevan

Profiles - Members

Over time, we’re going to introduce our members by way of a series of questions we’ve put to them; they’ve kindly agreed to let us publish their answers. On this occasion, it’s the turn of Hilary Bevan

How long have you been a member:

3 years.

Why did you start:

I started doing parkrun as I sit on my bum all day for work so knew I needed exercise. I had no idea how far 5k was (it was a lot farther than I thought!).  It took me 10 goes in over a year to be able to do it without stopping. Then Paul Cook persuaded me to join the Harriers and I quickly got hooked on running. 

Favourite type of running (Road, XC, T&F, Fell etc):

I think I like road best but when I look back, all my favourite runs have been trail runs.  I am really enjoying running in the countryside at the moment and feel so lucky to live somewhere so green. 

Best event you’ve taken part in (and why): 

So many to choose from.  I love Pier 2 Pier, Temple Newsam 10 miler, Pitstop 10k, everything by Saturn Running, and loads of others. 

Event you’re looking forward to (and why):

I was training for Belfast marathon before all this and that’s now deferred to next year.  I’m really looking forward to that as I love Belfast.  Penshaw half is in June (so far) and I’m hoping to do better than last year when it nearly killed me! I’m supposed to be doing Pontefract Half in October too which I love because it’s all on tarmac but through beautiful countryside and Stanhope 10 miler in August which is going to be brutal but beautiful.  At the moment I’m looking forward to everything! Oh, and the first parkrun back is going to be amazing.  I’ll probably cry. 

What’s on your headphones while you train:

Nothing – I just like listening to all the birds tweeting so don’t usually take music. 

Favourite training session (and why):

All of them.  Probably track intervals as it makes me work harder than I would on my own.  I’m always exhausted afterwards but in a good way.  

Do you take your trainers on holiday? If yes, where is the best place you’ve trained/ran?:

Yes, definitely.  I’ve done lots of lovely runs round Belfast, along Blackpool seafront, along Regent’s Canal in London, and round the North Yorkshire Moors.  It’s a great way to explore somewhere new. 

Pre race food & drink of choice:


Post race food & drink of choice:

Anything and everything. 

Favourite place to run:

Along the rivers of Darlo, or around a city early in the morning before most people are up. 

Best Club related memory:

Lots of them.  Mostly running with friends and chatting on the way. 

If you could go for a long chatty run with anyone, who would it be and why:

My sister. She lives in Manchester (and she’s much faster than me) so I don’t get to run with her very often.  She helped encourage me round my first 10k and my first marathon. 

Describe our club in three words:

Friendly. Supportive. Splendiferous.