Dave Smith

Over time, we’re going to introduce our members by way of a series of questions we’ve put to them; they’ve kindly agreed to let us publish their answers. On this occasion, it’s the turn of Dave Smith

How long have you been a member:

3 years.

Why did you start:

My little girl came into the world.  Prior to running I was a golfer, but playing golf 3 or 4 times a week didn’t fit with the family in both time and money, so needed a new obsession/hobby. 

Favourite type of running (Road, XC, T&F, Fell etc):

Road…. Not tried much of the rest.

Best event you’ve taken part in (and why):

Royal Parks Half.  It’s a big race, but not too big, logistics of getting in and out work well, the start and finish areas are very well managed and you get a fab goodie bag.

The route takes you round some fantastic landmarks through the first half and round the parks in the second half.  2 highlights for me being the run through Admiralty Arch, all the way up The Mall facing Buckingham Palace with all of the Union Flags lining either side, then getting back into Hyde
Park hitting the half way point you run through a wall of noise.  All of the charity tents are up, all the friends and family are along there, there are bands playing… simply fantastic.

Event you’re looking forward to (to why):

With things the way they are, I’m most looking forward to getting out for the first post-covid parkrun… could be waiting a while though.

What’s on your headphones while you train:

None… traffic noise and bird song entertains me sufficiently.

Favourite training session:

16 x 90sec – 45sec recovery.  No room for slacking in that one!

Do you take your trainers on holiday? If yes, where is the best place


Last summer when I was in Norfolk for a week, the next village along had beach access down a cliff.  Ran a mile to that point and a mile along the beach at the bottom of a cliff.  Had the whole place to myself on a sunny morning. 


Got a mile along and had a few minutes to take in the view before heading back.  Turned around and there was a fully naked bloke in the surf… looked my left and there were more people in the grassy dunes. I’d found the local nudist beach!! 

The run back was a bit quicker…

Pre race food & drink of choice:

Scrambled egg on a giant crumpet & cup of coffee on waking up and a Maurten just before.  (if you haven’t heard of it, Google it and give it a go).

Pre race food & drink of choice:  


Favourite place to run:

Fountains Abbey. 

The parkrun there is the best around.

Best Club related memory:

Might sound a bit soft, but having the people around me through marathon training last summer.  We had some decent groups going out every Sunday morning and it made training a pleasure.  Only now that we are training alone do I realise how much I appreciated it at the time. Particularly on
the morning where I was out for my 22 mile run and it rained for the full 3.5 hours, yet still had people by my side.

If you could go for a long chatty run with anyone, who would it be and why:

Rory McIlroy – bit of a fan boy in the golf sense, but he also works crazy hard with his health and fitness, so would be great to pick his brains about both.

Describe our club in three words:

Friendly. Supportive. Fun.