Andy Harrison

Over time, we’re going to introduce our members by way of a series of questions we’ve put to them; they’ve kindly agreed to let us publish their answers. On this occasion, it’s the turn of Andy Harrison

How long have you been a member:

Three years.

Why did you start:

I was running a bit, parkrun and a couple of 10km races. Went along with Jen to keep her company at her first session (if I recall correctly it was a progressive 5km session round South Park) then Ashton showed an interest in running so we joined on the old Family Membership.

Favourite type of running (Road, XC, T&F, Fell etc):

Track & Field, I’m an athletics nerd and you can’t beat a day at an athletics meet, running, jumping and throwing like a kid at sports day.

Best event you’ve taken part in (and why):

Great Run Newham 10km – the last 100m is down the straight in the Olympic Stadium, when else am I going to run in those surroundings – this was also the first race Jen and I did as Harriers.

I also love the Silverstone 10km – it’s one of few road races I have done more than once, those chicanes are lot longer when you’re running them.

(and Senior League T&F fixtures, always a great day out).

Event you’re looking forward to (and why):

British Masters Decathlon. I did the Pentathlon last year and loved it so looking forward to having a go at the ten events. Although this has been cancelled this year, so will have to be a 2021 goal now.

What’s on your headphones while you train:

Nothing, I can’t listen to anything when I train, I prefer to be empty headed.

Favourite training session (and why):

Sprint sessions. There is something awesome about running as fast as you can. 10x 15s followed by 3x 20m/40m/60m shuttles is a great workout.

Do you take your trainers on holiday? If yes, where is the best place you’ve trained/ran?:

Yes, running in Ibiza was cracking, got some nice long (ish) running in and some good hill and speed sessions (allows more food and drink consumption).

Pre race food & drink of choice:

Two black coffees (I don’t generally eat before running).

Post race food & drink of choice:

Lager and Pizza, Crisps and Dips.

Favourite place to run:

I love a nice run on the trails with Bear (our Dog), over Barmpton locally or any part of The Cleveland Way if I fancy a drive out.

Best Club related memory:

Spring Track Relays last year watching both our U13 Boys and Girls dominate the 4x 800m races and smashing the meeting records, in horrible conditions. Made me proud to be a member of the same club.

If you could go for a long chatty with anyone, who would it be and why:

Michael Johnson. He’s my athletics hero. Would love to pick his brains on all things athletic

Describe our club in three words:

Diverse. Knowledgable. Inspiring.