Milner at the Lykewake

Mark Milner was in action this weekend at the Lykewake 42mile challenge, a race which gets competitors to take kit with them and go through the following check points along the way.

Sheepwash – SE467992 (Start)

Carlton Bank – NZ523030 (CP1)

Clay Bank – NZ573033 (CP2)

Lion Inn – SE679997 (CP3)

Hamer – SE744995 (CP4)

Stape – SE804983 (CP5)

Ellerbeck – SE856982 (CP6)

Jugger Howe – NZ945003 (CP7)

Raven Hall – NZ981017 (Finish)

Full results will be out next week but well done to Mark and all competitors on the day.

image 829
Mark Milner at the 42mile race