McTaggart Trot 2020

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Event Information

Every year for over a decade, Grant McTaggart has been putting on the now infamous 'McTaggart Trot' raising money for St Teresa's Hospice in Darlington which saw teams of three run around Barton covering 11 miles with members of the team running one of the three legs (3.5 miles, 7.5 miles or 11 miles).

This year we are unable to run this event in it's usual guise due to the current restrictions placed upon u,s but more than ever fundraising is critical to charities such as St Teresa's Hospice.

So for this year only (we hope) we are going to run this event virtually, all in the spirit of Christmas and giving back to those who need our support. Your chosen distance can be run anywhere, not just in and around Barton.

So on the 20th December 2020 at 9am, we hope that many of you will join us and undertake one of the distances you would have ran on the day and sign up to this event for £10. We would absolutely love you to dress up in Christmas attire on the morning and do your run alone or with friends (if Covid restrictions allow) to bring the spirit of Christmas and "The Trot" to Darlington.

Entry Options

Donations to enter start at £10, but if anyone is feeling exceptionally generous in support of the charity, you can choose one of the other entry options as a means of donating extra to the cause but there is no obligation to do so.

Please click on your preferred distance/donation link, and once entered, you will receive an email to confirm participation. You should only enter once. If you make multiple entries on behalf of family/friends, please ensure the name given is that of the participant and not a repeated name.

3.5 miles£10
3.5 miles£15
3.5 miles£25
3.5 miles£50
7 miles£10
7 miles£15
7 miles£25
7 miles£50
11 miles£10
11 miles£15
11 miles£25
11 miles£50

Queries / Questions?

If you’ve any queries on this event, please use the form below to contact Grant directly and he’s happy to field anything about this event.