Lockdown Training (Speed Group – Tuesday)

Due to the national lockdown measures currently in place, we can’t train as a group. But, that doesn’t stop us, as coaches, supporting you and doesn’t stop you, as athletes, keeping fit, active and in training so when we get back to training we are all ready to hit the ground running.

We’ll be updating this page weekly with some suggested sessions for you, there will be a session you can do outside, in a park or other public space and a session that you can do at home as an alternative.

When running / training please remember these key guidance and safety points:
– Only run or train with members of your household, your support bubble, or one person from another household outdoors in a public place (maintaining social distancing).

– If you are running in the dark, wear reflective / bright clothing and lights.

– Run in well-lit areas.

– Give priority to pedestrians.

– Have fun and stay safe.

If you have any questions, send them direct to the coaches on email to coaching@darlingtonharriers.com

Tuesday 1st December

Outdoor Session:
Warm Up: try to do the usual dynamic warm up (see bottom of page if you need reminding)

Plyometrics: All done over 10m with walk back
Backward Pogo
Forward Pogo
Lateral Pogo (left leg lead)
Lateral Pogo (right leg lead)

1x 5min uphill walking lunges – focus on driving up out of the lunge

Main Session: Hill Sprints
2x 10m uphill sprints with jog back
60s recovery
2x 20m uphill sprints with jog back
60s recovery
2x 40m uphill sprints with jog back
3 minutes rest
Repeat four times
Cool Down: five to ten minute run and usual stretches

At Home Session:
Warm Up: on the spot running steadily (not full speed) for two minutes and 30 seconds of Jumping Jacks

Main Session: Plyometric Circuit
30 seconds on each exercise
Plyo Lunges
Ice Skaters
Superman Planks
Single Leg Squat (15s on each leg)
Push Ups

Rest two minutes
Repeat three to four times

Cool Down: on the spot slow running and usual stretches

Usual Dynamic Warm Up:
In case you need reminding – this is the normal dynamic warm up that we do at all of our sessions.

Each drill is carried over 40m out and 40m back with no rest between
1. Skips with Arm Rotations (biceps brushing the ears)
2. Side Skips with Arm Swings
3. Skip, Skip, Lunge
4. Carioca (with power steps)
5. Backwards Running (heel up to butt and big kick out)
6. High Skips
7. Skips for Distance
8. 3x Accelerations (walk back)

If you need any support please get in touch with Ste or Andy.