Lockdown Training (Jumps Group)

Due to the national lockdown measures currently in place, we can’t train as a group. But, that doesn’t stop us, as coaches, supporting you and doesn’t stop you, as athletes, keeping fit, active and in training so when we get back to training we are all ready to hit the ground running.

We’ll be updating this page weekly with some suggested sessions for you, there will be a session you can do outside, in a park or other public space and a session that you can do at home as an alternative.

When running / training please remember these key guidance and safety points:
– Only run or train with members of your household, your support bubble, or one person from another household outdoors in a public place (maintaining social distancing).

– If you are running in the dark, wear reflective / bright clothing and lights.

– Run in well-lit areas.

– Give priority to pedestrians.

– Have fun and stay safe.

If you have any questions, send them direct to the coaches on email to coaching@darlingtonharriers.com

Aim to get at least one of these sessions completed once per week

Three different sessions for you to keep up the work on building elastic and core strength.

Always get a good warm up, either use our usual dynamic warm up or variations of on the spot running if you’re at home.

Follow each session with a good stretch off.

Session: Plyometric Circuit
Squat Jumps x20
Ice Skaters x16
Plyo Lunges x12
Burpees x8

No rest between exercises
Rest for two minutes
Repeat three to four times

Session: 40m Repeats Circuit
To be carried out on as flat as possible 40m stretch (plus a run off at both ends).

40m is roughly the width of the penalty area on a football pitch – this session is perfect to be done on grass too (as long as it’s not too wet or bumpy)

40m acceleration (starting how you start your run up)
40m bounds
40m hops (switch leg every five hops)
40m acceleration (starting how you start your run up)

This is an out and back type session, so you accelerate out to 40m, bound back to where you start, hop out to 40m and accelerate back – so you finish where you started.

Rest for four to five minutes
Repeat five to six times

Session: Skipping Circuit
You’ll need a skipping rope for this one

1 minute Basic Bounce Skip
30 seconds Burpees
2 minute Side Straddle Skip (feet out to hip width and back in)
30 seconds Walk Out Push Ups
1 minute Left Leg Hop Skip
1 minute Right Leg Hop Skip
30 seconds Plank
1 minute Burn Out Skip (as fast as you can)

Rest for four minutes
Repeat three to four times

If you need any support please get in touch with Ste or Andy.