Juniors Take On The Best Of The North East

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There were 11 of our junior harriers in action last Saturday as they took on the North East’s best young athletes in the Regional Final of the ESAA Cross Country Cup. Having qualified from the previous round held at Preston Park, over 200 youngsters from Year 7 to Year 10, wore their school colours with pride, hoping to make it through to the Finals on 3rd December.

There were a mixture of harriers amongst the teams representing Carmel, Hummersknott and Longfield Schools. Some were competing for the first time at this level, and against others a year older than themselves. There were many excellent performances and 100% effort was given by all. There was, however some tough, high ranking competition, and on this occasion the Darlington schools missed out on qualifying for the National Finals.

It takes a lot to compete at regional level so all our Junior Harriers should be congratulated for that! Well done to all those that took part, keep up the good work, and who knows what could happen when next year’s competition comes round?

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And they’re off… a busy start to Emily Vest’s race (29) running for Longfield in the Junior Girls
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The two Carmel boys, James Wilcock (17) still in year 7, and Will Winn (18) push hard as they pass their rival from Harrogate.
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Harry Wilson gives it his all running for Hummersknott in the Inters
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Joined at the hip! Harriers team mates Liam Brittle (28) and Daniel Boyer (13) running for Longfield and Carmel just can’t help running together! They eventually went their separate ways, Daniel finishing in 7th and Liam in 23rd (after pulling out the race, then finding the strength to carry on)

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