Hill hath no fury

Saturday was the Cross Country final event for the season, Parliament Hill, London the infamous location for this event. This year’s event at Parliament Hill is in fact the 16th time that a Championship has been held at the iconic venue since the first in 1950. The traditional uphill start for the runners which pleases all.

The popularity of running at Parliament Hill, on London’s Hampstead Heath, has never been greater. The chance this year has attracted great crowds of athletes to enter the Saucony English National Cross Country Champs on the 24th February.

When entries closed the 10 races of the day had totalled a huge 9472 runners entered which is fantastic for athletics. Jade Hutchinson finished 89th in 30:28 in the Junior women’s race but unfortunately Jen Harrison was injured in the Senior women’s race. Respect to you all who competed on the day.

image 1925
Richard Bowes, Andy Harrison, David Aiken, Kevin Wilson, Mark Tallon and Wes Atkins
image 1926
image 1927
Mark Tallon and Wes Atkins
image 1928
Kevin Wilson
image 1929
Andy Harrison
image 1930
David Aiken and Jade Hutchinson
image 1931
Jen Harrison