And I Would Run 500 Miles….

Ever wanted to cover the length of the country in a month?

No me neither….however, with the current situation, what else is there to do? The Yakman 30 Day Challenge, which started Monday 1st June 2020, allowed contestants to have the flexibility to cycle outside or turbo inside / run outside or use the treadmill – so everybody can play!

There were 4 options to choose from, all to complete within 30 days…

  • (A) Lands End to John O Groats – 874 miles (774 bike + 100 run/walk)
  • (B) Darlington to John O Groats – 460 miles. (400 bike + 60 run/walk)
  • (C) Bike only as far as you can
  • (D) Run only as far as you can

This was very much a high mileage challenge which some of our Harriers supported…all in the name of charity and, of course, a T-Shirt!

Some great performances from all of our athletes, with Michaela McGregor and Paul Cook taking first place in their respective events.

A huge thank you to Grant McTaggart from Darlington Tri club for organising this event. Provisional results of our members are below

AColin Taylor18.7877.19465/26
AGraham Hindmarch107.1816.2923.37
AJade Hutchinson106.3775881.311
AAnne Hutchinson101.7774.4876.117
APaul Dunn47.7479.9527.623
BMichaela McGregor140.7794.8935.51/34
BSimon Daniels84.7450.1534.86
BEmma Morley89.3427.1516.49
BDiane Jones68.8436.9505.710
BMaria Daniels65.1400.7465.817
CDave Tomlinson518.5518.54/20
CRachel Girard979718
DPaul Cook626.9626.91/54
DMark Milner221.2221.28
DMichael Robson181.6191.711
DBen Potter16916912
DGraham Bell767634